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When to cut the wedding cake

When to cut the wedding cake?

The wedding cake is simply part of the wedding. But when is the best time to put the wedding cake on the table? I present you here different variants.

Wedding cake at midnight

The classic time for the wedding cake is late in the evening or at midnight. The previously hidden wedding cake is brought in with music and a small table fireworks display and then the bridal couple cut and distributed it.

However, the guests are often still full from dinner or do not want to eat anything heavy so late in the evening. Therefore, a small piece is often only eaten out of politeness and it is not uncommon for large parts of the wedding cake to remain uneaten. If the cake is served late, there has often been a lot of dancing beforehand. The midnight cake interrupts this party and blocks the dance floor. The DJ will have a lot of trouble afterwards to fill the dance floor with life again.

Very often I also observe that many guests, especially families with children and the elderly, say goodbye immediately after the wedding cake. For the guests who can’t stay that long, it might not be so nice to have to wait a long time for the wedding cake. And it’s also not nice for the newlyweds if the wedding cake is a kind of signal to the end of the evening.

For these reasons, many bridal couples ask themselves whether there is not a better time for the wedding cake.

Wedding cake for dessert

If you definitely want to serve the wedding cake after dinner, you could cut it instead of or as an addition to dessert. This not only protects the budget, but also ensures that you can dance undisturbed afterwards.

Wedding cake in the afternoon

There is often an afternoon reception with coffee between the wedding ceremony and dinner. There is hardly anything wrong with bringing the wedding cake to the table at this point. Lunch is often not scheduled on the wedding day. The guests will be hungry in the afternoon after the wedding ceremony and look forward to the cake. Last but not least, the afternoon is also the classic time for cake and torte. A wedding cake for a champagne reception will always be a hit!

Which cake is the right one? The classic multi-tier wedding cake with fondant is too bulky for many. These tarts are very sweet and high in fat.

But there has also been a recent trend towards so-called “naked” cakes. The fondant covering is left out on this cake.

But even these cakes are greasy and contain a lot of cream and buttercream.

A nice alternative that all guests really like is a classic strawberry cake or strawberry cake.

Especially in summer there is another alternative that many people don’t know: the ice cream cake.

An ice cream cake is well received by all guests and is eaten even when the stomach is actually still full.

Which wedding cake tastes the best?

The classic multi-tiered wedding cake consists of a cream or buttercream filling and is covered with fondant. It’s sweet and greasy and feels heavy on the stomach. Not all guests will like such a cake. It is therefore definitely advisable to offer some alternatives, for example sheet cakes, fruit salad or light desserts.

So-called “naked” cakes have also been seen a lot lately. Here the fondant covering is left out. With cream or buttercream filling, these cakes are still heavy stuff.

Alternatives to the classic wedding cake

If you don’t want to do without the wedding cake, but don’t know much about cream and fondant, the best thing to do is go for the classic fruit cake. Strawberry cake is the most popular! But raspberries, peaches and mixed red berries are also well received by all guests. A fruit wedding cake is not so heavy on the stomach and tastes great. In addition, it is easy on the budget.

Instead of a closed wedding cake, you can also offer cupcakes or a choice of desserts.

A real insider tip is an ice cream cake. Wedding cakes made of ice can be designed in many ways and taste good at any time of the day or night in summer.

Let yourself be inspired by my wedding cake gallery with ideas for the wedding cake!

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