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When should we send out our invitation cards? My tips including free checklist

When should we send out our invitation cards?

Wedding planning: you can never start early enough!

General wedding planning tips – On your mark, get set… wedding!

Are you already into planning your wedding for next year?

Are you already scouring Pinterest for beautiful ideas for your wedding?

Are you about to get started with the next planning steps?

Then I have just the thing for you today – the first important tip: When to send invitation cards?

When is the perfect time to send out your invitations?

You’re probably wondering: when should we send out our invitation cards?  But first things first! Just the first few weeks of planning BEFORE you send out your stationery are the most important, because you are setting the basic framework for your wedding!

First things first – Four general tips

To get you started on your stationery planning a little easier, I have four general tips that will definitely help you quite a bit as you begin your stationery planning. In addition to the tip “When should we send our invitation cards”, you can find the most important tips for a relaxed start into the (stationery) planning on my blog. I’ll link you to the other blog posts right here.

The four tips at a glance:

Step 1: What stationery products do you want?

Stationery is really an extensive field. If you have never dealt with it before, you will quickly realize that it is no longer “just” an invitation card. There are far more components such as a Save the Date card, matching info cards and thank you cards may also not be missing!

Not to mention the other stationery such as menu cards, seating plan, name cards, a welcome sign, details such as pendants for guest gifts and yes…. even the little sign for the emergency basket in the ladies room may not be missing! Of course, this requires some time for preparation.

It’s best to make a clear list of all the stationery products you want and do everything in order.

If you don’t start thinking about your stationery until you think: now it’s time to send out the invitations to the guests, you will soon start sweating. 

When to send out our invitation cards

Step 2: clarify important general questions about stationery

Questions like.

  • What do we want our wedding stationery to look like anyway?
  • Should it perhaps be an invitation card with photos?
  • How much should our stationery cost? 
  • Do we want to make our own invitation cards?
  •  Or will we have the cards for the wedding professionally printed? 
  • Have you already thought about the text for the wedding invitation?
  • Where can we order invitation cards?

… will keep you on your toes – and in no time at all a few weeks will have passed.

So start thinking about the look of your stationery early on and, above all, what other information you will need for it! That way you can send out your invitations in time a few months before the wedding!

Step 3: Send out the invitations 

Your stationery is designed and printed, then the cards can be sent out, or not?

Have you already thought of suitable envelopes?

What about the postage for the mailing?

Do you have all the addresses together? 

My personal tip, when you should send your invitations:

Of course, there is no exact guideline for when it is best to send your wedding invitations – everyone celebrates their wedding differently. Large weddings, or a destination wedding (wedding abroad) probably need more lead time than a small, civil wedding with only 20 guests. Take that into account with your shipping date! 

Today you’ll learn everything about sending invitation cards, and you’ll get three more tips here:

1. wedding planning made easy – set your wedding framework!

2. the perfect schedule for the entire wedding planning – create your personal schedule!

3. what does our wedding really cost – including budget plan to print out!

For each tip, free checklists are also waiting for you, which you can download, print and fill out.

The power is in the calm – wedding planning made easy

You will notice that the entire preparation phase of your wedding is peppered with decisions and a never-ending TO DO list – so the sooner you start, the more relaxed many things will run. You can sleep on one or the other decision, compare offers or have the choice between different service providers. Nothing is worse than unnecessary stress, because the preparations are already a big challenge besides your job, ( children) and everyday life.

Timetable for your stationery- free planning help for you!

When to send our invitation cards

Sending invitation cards: the best time

Now let’s go through the most important points about “when to send our invitation cards”:

SUMMARY – The most important questions at a glance:

So when is the right time to design and send the wedding invitations?

I recommend that you start thinking about the stationery a year in advance. You can then relax and think about how your stationery should look, which products you need, collect ideas and work out your concept.

When do you send out wedding invitations?

Send out a save-the-date card to all guests about 10 months before the wedding, so that the date is already reserved (practical for vacation planning, travel, hotels, etc.) and then you can continue planning in peace.

With the invitation card you should then deal about a ¾ year-half year before the wedding, so that you have enough time to gather all the information and send the card at your desired time. (Send about 6 -4 months before the wedding).

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