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Wedding dance tips & tricks and 11 matching songs!

You think about your wedding and imagine the numerous beautiful and moving moments. You sink into your head cinema and look forward to this special day. Rightly so, because an unforgettable event awaits you!

However, I notice again and again that at one point most couples pull their faces and anxiously want to push a very specific topic aside, as if it were not there at all!


Unless the couple is a professional dancer, most couples dread dealing with it or put it off as long as possible. But dear bride and groom, you don’t have to worry and think about it, don’t put yourself under so much pressure.

I would like to give you a few tips along the way and also recommend some great songs!

To begin with, how does a dance like this work?  

3,2,1 go… Easier said than done.

There is no golden rule anymore, how such a dance MUST be. You can make your own individual thing out of it, but classically the groom asks his bride or both are already standing on the dance floor ready to go.

The DJ turns down the music a bit and announces the bride and groom dance and the guests gather around the dance floor or around the bride and groom. The DJ plays the song.

Depending on how long you want to dance at all, it is usually about 2 minutes of dancing. Doesn’t sound so long, does it?

After that, parents, siblings and groomsmen / grooms women join in and dance on the dance floor as well.

Another variation would also be, if you want to make it very traditional, that you dance with the parents after your dance (bride and dad / groom and mom) and then with the in-laws (bride and dad-in-law / groom and mom-in-law).

You may know from American movies that the father-daughter dance is celebrated in a very special way. Of course, you can also adopt this variant. Here, father and daughter dance together first, until it’s the groom’s turn.

It is also important to communicate everything beforehand with those involved and to let the DJ in on the sequence of events. Discuss how the transition should take place and how this process should be accompanied musically.

Which dance suits us if we are not professionals?

Here it depends on what you already know or what you want to learn. An important part is also the music. Which song do you choose, is it rather quiet or a bit more lively?

Choose a song that connects you or that “moves” you (in the truest sense of the word) and makes this moment very special for the two of you. This does not always have to be something quiet. If you are both generally a bit more funky and spirited, then let that flow into the dance as well.

For example, you could choose between the two classic types of wedding dance:

The Viennese Waltz and the Slow Waltz.

The Viennese Waltz is very lively and peppy. You definitely need more space here!

The slow waltz is very calm and especially suitable for romantic songs.

These are relatively “easy” steps and well suited for dance beginners. Besides these dance styles, there are many more. But more about that another time, when I may interview a professional about it!

And when is actually danced?

The wedding dance is a very good opening dance for the party. Classically in the evening after the meal and when the second or even third plate has been digested. Often games, speeches, or surprises take place after the meal. So here you also have a little more time to let the delicious food “sink”.

In addition, it is then slowly dark, your guests have already drunk one or the other champagne, beer or wine and the mood is somewhat loosened. And your guests have been able to get to know each other during the day, and with a good DJ nothing will get in the way of the party.

Depending on when you start with the dinner, the party begins. Often it starts around 21.00/22.00 o’clock and the dance leg can be swung.

A few more short and concise tips for “scrolling through”!

Practice, practice, practice!

Visit a dance school!

For the particularly “nervous”: keep the dance short and involve your family in time to dance.

Overcome your nervousness by focusing only on each other, this moment belongs only to the two of you!

Alternatively, for those who just don’t want a dance: plan a highlight like a show interlude instead of the dance!


Please calm down.

Don’t pick a difficult dance unless you are a professional dancer. Choose a simple dance that looks good and is fun for you. Because that’s what matters. If you have fun doing it, it will have a different effect. 

This also means practicing and getting tips from a professional (e.g. by visiting a dance school).

Also, you are a team! Do not forget that. Your dance can be as individual as you are. 

This moment, this dance, is all yours!

Do your THING all alone! 

And if you are still looking for the right song…

Here are my personal TOP 11 for the waltz wedding dance!

Matching the Viennese waltz or slow waltz!

  • Ed Sheeran – Perfect
  • Adele – One and Only
  • Calum Scott, Leona Lewis – You Are The Reason
  • Christina Perri – A Thousand Years
  • Elton John – Can You Feel The Love Tonight
  • The Second Waltz – André Rieu
  • Lifehouse – You And Me
  • Slow Waltz – Skyfall
  • Revolverheld – I leave the light on for you
  • Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are
  • Twilight Soundtrack – Flightless bird, American mouth

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