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Get inspired to make a wedding bow with silk flowers for different themes

“A friend of mine is going to let me use her wedding arch after she gets married. But it will just be a plain metal arch with nothing on it. How do you plan to decorate a wedding arch? I’m drawing a blank and would love some inspiration.”

You can actually have a heavenly scented atmosphere with fresh flowers. However, it is expensive when you decorate a wedding arch with fresh flowers and greenery. In addition, hot weather, wrong treatment and other unexpected factors can cause a failure. If you want to have a perfect wedding without a big budget, you can use silk flowers to decorate a wedding arch instead.

That’s what this article wants to show as well. Yes, you can get many outdoor and indoor wedding arch decoration ideas here. In the following paragraphs, you can get different types of arches and decorations. Of course, you can add, remove or replace any part to craft a wedding arch perfectly. Just read together now to get fantastic ideas for wedding arches decoration with silk flowers here.

Idea 1: Decorate a wedding arch with silk flower balls.

If you use real flowers to decorate a wedding arch, you will spend a lot of money. So, you can use silk flower balls to build with silk flower balls instead. Well, silk flower balls in white are the first choice for most people. Just arrange silk flowers on top of your wedding arch freely.

Idea 2: Make a nautical arch with silk flowers for wedding

You can craft a nautical wedding arch with a white texture. How to make a wedding flower arch? Well, silk flowers can be draped on top of the wedding arch with a rope. As the picture shows, you can add more decorations with the silk ropes.

Idea 3: Build a flower wall wedding arch with fake flowers

Even though creating a flower wall for a wedding is a bit outdated, you can still fascinate your guests with an appealing atmosphere. You can add flowers to the wedding arch to achieve this. Or you can put silk rose flowers directly on bare walls.

Idea 4: Decorate a wedding arch in a natural way with silk flowers

If you want to hold your wedding in a forest or create similar wedding themes, you can choose a natural wedding arch. Prepare two long hedges as a wedding arch and bend them. Now, you can use tulle or ribbons to fix the wedding arch in one place. Then add silk flowers on top to decorate with your wedding arch.

Idea 5: Use eucalyptus and birch as wedding arch decorated with silk flowers

To create a rustic wedding arch, you can use eucalyptus and birch to make a wedding arch. Put silk flowers and plants later to make it perfect. In addition, you can also add tulle to a wedding arch built with eucalyptus and birch.

Idea 6: Attach fake flowers to a

Wedding arch from a willow branch

Well, willow is a friendly ingredient to make a wedding arch. You can find it in many places, and it is not difficult to make a wedding arch with willow. Even beginners can make an arch with willow branches and wreaths without much effort. Then attach flowers to the wedding arch as you like.

Over 10 creative ideas to decorate wedding arch with silk flowers in 2021.

Idea 7: Decorate silk flowers to create a divine white wedding arch

When talking about a wedding, white is always the hot color. So you can decorate a wedding arch with silk flowers and tulle in white. So what kind of silk flowers would you choose? To build an elegant and glamorous wedding arch, you can use silk flowers of lilies, white orchids, petunias, sweet peas and more.

Idea 8: DIY a wedding arch with cherry branch and silk flowers.

You don’t have to put a lot of work and effort to make a wedding arch with cherry branches. Just make sure you have enough cherry branches and wreaths for arch materials. It will look great if you decorate with silk flowers and put them in the right background.

Idea 9: Attach flowers to a wedding arch in a forest style

You can build a wedding arch with a length of at least 14 meters in the forest. You can choose any wood as the arch material without any restrictions. Do not forget to attach silk flowers, ferns and others to create the atmosphere of forests. In addition, you can also craft a garden wedding arch in the same way.

Idea 10: Decorate a wedding arch with fabric and silk flowers.

It is also a good idea to decorate a wedding arch with fabric, and there are many ways to add lace fabric. For example, you can drape a wedding arch with any lace fabric. In addition, you can use silk flowers as an attachment to decorate a wedding arch with fabric.

Idea 11: Put tulle on a wedding arch with decorated silk flowers

You need to choose a tulle color that matches silk flowers and a wedding arch background. Now, don’t forget about the bridesmaids’ dresses. You can buy soft tulle at a local craft or fabric store. You can even get tulle with glitter woven into it to add more romance. If you are not sure, you can use plain white tulle to avoid mistakes.

With so many ideas for decorating a wedding arch with silk flowers, I’m sure you can craft your wedding arch with ease. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have good ideas for wedding arch flower arrangements.

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