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Silver Wedding: 25th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Spending 25 years with someone is a long time. You have built a life together, got through crises and shared beautiful moments. After a quarter of a century, the marriage has reached silver status.

The silver wedding has a particularly beautiful meaning. Silver lasts forever, but it can tarnish. If you polish it, however, the precious metal shines like new again.

It is the same with a marriage that has lasted 25 years: it is valuable and endures. It may tarnish, but if you put some work into it and polish it up, it will shine again.

This makes the silver wedding a wonderful milestone in life and a wedding anniversary that is often celebrated with a large group. While on other wedding days you can enjoy intimate togetherness, the silver wedding is often celebrated like the first wedding 25 years ago – often with the same guests.

The couple can once again look forward to congratulations, creative gifts and surprises from the guests.

Silver wedding: Decoration for the special occasion

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to celebrate the silver wedding yourself or whether the relatives want to surprise the couple: decoration is simply part of it. The right decoration contributes to the romantic and nostalgic mood. Because there is a lot of love in small details and you can feel it – as a married couple and as a guest.

The dominant color of the evening is the only thing that is pretty much fixed: silver. Silver balloons, confetti, garlands and tablecloths: there are no limits to your imagination!

Set up some white candles or add white pom-poms or flowers to the silver decoration. Otherwise the look will quickly appear overloaded.


Tip: If you want, you can combine the silver with some color. For example, set color accents with flowers in pink, red or green.

Table decoration for the silver wedding: the DIY variant

Table decorations made from old bottles and preserving jars, which you spray silver, are particularly beautiful and easy to make yourself. Simply collect your old glass for a few weeks.

It even looks particularly nice if you collect different containers: a cola bottle, a jam jar, a yogurt jar. It’s the combination that counts!

Then all you have to do is put in a few accessories and the beautiful table decoration for the silver wedding is ready.

Tip: If you want, you can collect a few flowers and twigs from the garden and put them in the glasses.

Also nice: tin cans as decoration

If you don’t feel like collecting and spraying used glass, you can also use old cans. Peel off the paper label and you have a beautiful vase. In order for the decoration to look nice, however, you should fill the tin can completely with flowers so that you can no longer see the inside of the tin.

Decoration for the silver wedding: Pictures should not be missing

After 25 years, there are many beautiful moments in the couple’s life to look back on. Use shots of these moments for decoration.

Whether as a table decoration or decoration for shelves and walls: print out the pictures and put them up. So not only the guests can look forward to getting an insight into these moments (moments that they might not even know about). The couple can also reminisce and proudly look back on the last 25 years.

Silver wedding anniversary ideas

The customs of the silver wedding are actually not very different from those of a regular wedding. Guests and family members often prepare a wedding newspaper. Wedding games are played and, depending on the size of the celebration, invitations are even sent out again.

Sometimes the couple also decides to renew their vows. In doing so, they promise again in front of all their loved ones to love and honor each other. However, the renewed vows often deviate from the classic marriage vows and contain more personal elements.

Sometimes marriage vows are renewed only in an intimate circle. For example on the beach on a family holiday with only your own children as guests.

Silver wedding anniversary gift ideas

By the silver wedding anniversary at the latest, household appliances will no longer be given away. The couple have lived in a household for 25 years and are generally very well endowed. On the other hand, personalized gifts are very popular for silver weddings. Often also here in the color silver.


Homemade gifts are also welcome at a silver wedding. Shoot a video for the couple or make a nice picture or photo album.

Also very nice: Round up all the relatives and design a wedding newspaper. It’s a lot of work, but if everyone contributes, it’s definitely doable. The couple will love the wedding newspaper and will cherish it as a keepsake for years to come.

Silver wedding: make a gift of money

Gifts that are probably always well received are gifts of money. Gifts of money are also a good idea for a silver wedding.

So the couple can decide for themselves what they want to use the money for. In order to give the whole thing a personal touch, the money can be creatively wrapped.

Silver wedding: Sayings & congratulations for the beautiful day

Relatives, friends and also the children of the couple usually want to give the jubilee a special treat. They think about loving gifts, nice surprises and what should not be missing from all of this are romantic quotes or sayings.

Sayings about the silver wedding often give the card or gift the necessary depth. You can get creative and think of your own sayings and poems or you can rely on quotes, Bible verses and well-known poems.

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