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Micro Weddings: The Ultimate Guide

1. Budget friendly

One of the most appealing aspects of a micro wedding is the potential financial savings (we say potential because while a smaller celebration should theoretically mean lower expenses, things can always add up quickly!). Instead of budgeting for the expense of hosting more than 50 guests, you can treat yourself to the things that mean more to you elsewhere. Spend the savings on a videographer; treat yourself to the dream wedding dress; buy a first-class ticket for your honeymoon; or treat yourself to that luxury leather wedding album you’ve been dreaming of – you deserve it.

2. More venue options

A micro wedding means fewer guests, and fewer guests mean endless possibilities for the venue. Whether it’s in a private dining room at your favorite restaurant, on a beautiful beach, or in luxurious accommodation for your friends and family, smaller groups are easier to accommodate than those with more than 100 guests. Take advantage of this and impress your guests with a creative and unique wedding venue. With micro-weddings, even weddings in other locations become possible. 

3. Moments that matter

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: The couple reminisces about their wedding day and how it went by so quickly they barely had a chance to speak to everyone. The advantage of a micro-wedding is that you have more time for personal conversations with all guests. Taking time for you and your partner’s family will make the occasion even more special for you and your guests. Trade hurried hugs and fleeting compliments for moments you’ll remember forever. When it comes time to create your wedding album, every photo and memory will be richer and more detailed.

4. Get creative with DIY elements

Add some personality to your micro wedding with a touch of DIY. Fewer guests mean fewer things like invitations, wedding favors, table settings, menus and more. Try to get creative and tackle the projects yourself instead of outsourcing or using standard templates to save time and money. Your guests will admire your ingenuity!

5. A Spotlight feature

Choosing a micro wedding gives you the opportunity to invest more in something special since your budget is less constrained. Perhaps you want to enhance the guest experience with a live band, creative interior design, or professional bartenders. Maybe it’s a make-your-own dessert station or a food truck for guests partying late into the night. Whatever your highlight, focus on the elements that matter most to you.

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