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Engagement: which hand is the right one for the marriage proposal?

On which hand is the engagement ring worn?

 In Switzerland or the USA, the engagement ring is worn on the right hand. In the table below, you will notice that not all countries follow this custom of the engagement hand on the left.

The classical custom of the left hand is not a constraint. The partner should wear the ring on the finger of the hand that fits best and therefore is the most comfortable.

Importance of the ring finger and the left hand

The engagement ring is the “symbol of love”, the unique promise to enter into a marriage. Already the ancient Romans and Egyptians preferred the ring finger of the left hand for this promise. They believed that a vein also called the “love vein” (lat. vena amoris) leads from the ring finger of the left hand directly to the heart. Thus, there should be a direct connection to the heart – the center of love – symbolized by the ring.

Engagement rings-which-hand-worn

Engagement ring after and at the wedding

During the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring often moves to the right hand. From there on, it can be worn in combination with the wedding ring. Classically, this is how it is done in Germany and Austria. Especially popular for these combinations are solitaire rings with matching stud rings.

Engagement ring – stud ring – after the wedding

In the peace lies the strength

At the important moment of the proposal, the man should carefully slide the ring over his fingers. To do this, he is best to take his partner’s hand in his left hand and carefully slip the ring over the ring finger with the fingers of his right hand.

Personal note: From my own experience: take three deep breaths before asking, then “Mann” will also get out a reasonable tone and his own hands will only tremble half as much.

No kneeling without an engagement ring!

Discover classic, simple and curved engagement rings for the romantic proposal!

Are wedding rings worn on the right or left hand?

In many other countries (such as France, Spain and USA) the wedding rings are worn on the left hand. Therefore, we leave it up to the customer to ultimately decide which hand the rings should be worn on. After all, it is most important on which finger the ring is most comfortable to wear. For a gentle handling of their piece of jewelry, it is recommended that left-handed or right-handed people wear the ring on the hand that is exposed to less active activities.

Wedding dance

1. perfect timing: when does the wedding dance start? 

The opening dance marks the transition from the festive to the boisterous part of the wedding celebration.

In other words, it’s the starting gun for the party proper! 

Before the wedding dance, most guests do not dare to go to the dance floor. Traditionally, it was even considered rude for wedding guests to enter the dance floor before the bride and groom. 

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