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8 Tips for Wearing Suits

You’ve RSVP’d, found a plus one, and know exactly what suit you’ll be wearing. Now comes the part where you make sure the suit fits and doesn’t look like you borrowed it specifically for the wedding…. even if you did.

1.Make sure the suit fits. Buying one off the rack is fine as long as it can be fitted to your body.

2.Do you have a clean, white shirt? If so, wear it. If not, get one. It will be your new best friend.

3.Coordinate your belt with your shoes and any other leather you wear. Make sure all the metals you wear are coordinated, like your watch with your belt buckle.

4.Always button the top button of the suit jacket when standing. Unbutton it when you are sitting. The bottom button remains unbuttoned.

5.Your jacket sleeves should never completely cover your shirt sleeves. A small piece of shirt cuff (about 1.3 cm) should always peek out.

6.Other sizing tips: The hem of the pants should reach the top of the shoe and the top or middle button of the suit should not be below the navel.

7.Stuffed bags are not your friend. Find another way to store your keys, wallet and phone. Money clips are great for cash. Card cases are slim enough to fit in your jacket pocket. Bring only the key you need to get home… not the one for your garden shed or gym. not the one for your garden shed or gym locker.

8.Eventually you will get warm during the wedding or reception. If you need to take off your jacket, wait until the guests of honor – like the father of the bride – take off theirs. It’s a sign of respect that works around the world.

The Look

You want to play the role of a loyal friend and make the perfect wedding guest, right? We can’t go to the wedding with you – although we would make great wingmen! But we can give you some foolproof tips to perfect your look.

Tie or bow tie

A wedding is not the time for novelty prints or loud patterns and colors. A black tie with a black suit is always a winner. No one can mess this up.

Another safe option is a gray or silver tie.

For casual weddings, you can get away with a wool tie. However, the safe choice is silk, polyester or microfiber.

Want to add color? Read the invitation or ask the groom what the wedding colors are. Some weddings dictate a certain color palette. Going with the color palette will make the bride and photographer very happy.

Remember that ties wrinkle easily . Be careful and hang or roll them before the wedding and if you have to travel to the ceremony.

The more casual a wedding is, the more creative your bow tie may be.

The edges of the bow tie should be between the edge of your eyes and the edge of your face.

If you choose a self-tie bow tie, please practice before the wedding! The same goes for a tie knot you don’t know.

Bow ties have been worn for more than 430 years. A free conversation starter for you.

Tie Clip

Although the tie clip is often shrouded in myths and not-so-good advice from your 90-year-old grandfather, there are concrete rules for wearing a tie clip .

Aim for a tie clip or tie clip with a length that is about 70-80% of the width of your tie.

The tie clip should be positioned between the 3rd and 4th shirt buttons or at the height of your breast pocket.

Your tie clip must match all other metal pieces, such as your belt buckle, watch, and cufflinks.

As the evening progresses with wine and food and your balance takes a nosedive, remain confident that your tie will stay in place. Good news for the well-dressed guest.

Tie chain

Do you find tie clips or tie clasps too constricting? A tie chain performs exactly the same function, but does not squeeze the delicate tie fabric. Wearing and fastening a tie chain is just as easy as fastening a tie clip.

How to wear a tie chain

1.Place the over button fastener over the chosen button and pull it down to secure.

2.Once it is in place, the tie can be pulled through the open chain.

3.Straighten the tie so that the chain and tie are flat and centered.


Cufflinks are for formal occasions. If you plan on wearing a pair, make sure you have a shirt with French cuffs.

The number one rule for men’s cufflinks is that all metals must match. Of course, this doesn’t matter if you choose wood or fabric.

We support the idea that cufflinks go hand in hand with a tie clip.

If you have a wide wrist, it might be worth considering the locking mechanism on the cufflinks . Some go through the fabric much easier than others.

Pocket square

The pocket square is an accessory that can elevate a man’s suit to a whole new level. Remember not to buy a pocket square that looks exactly like your tie or bow tie. Rather, the two should complement each other.

The pocket square should lay flat in your breast pocket. Find the right size for your suit jacket and the best way to fold it .

The pocket square can complement the shirt instead of a tie. Consider the color, pattern and texture.

A pocket square looks best when it is made of a different material than the jacket.

This accessory actually dates back to the Greeks and their fragrant pocket squares. Great conversation starter, right?

There is no right or wrong way to fold a pocket square. There are ways that are more extravagant and ways that don’t take too long to master.

Shirt holder

Everything sits in place until the wedding toast. Then your shirt slips out of your pants and all that hard work to get the perfect look was for nothing. Keep it in your pants with a pair of shirt holders. We know they look a little odd, but the joy of keeping your shirt in your pants all day is well worth it.

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