What can you do? Tips to enhance your video!

Brides and grooms plan for months and months to make sure their wedding day is perfect! Vendors have to be interviewed and chosen, flowers have to be selected, food has to be tasted, and photograph time lines have to be created. But what can you control regarding the video?

Here are some simple ideas to take into consideration that will enhance the quality of your video.

1. Don’t turn the lights all the way down. To create an image – photo or video – there needs to be light. Keeping some ambient lighting on will help your videographer and your photographer capture more realistic and sharper images. Think about how bright a flash is how it is needed to produce a photograph. On camera video lights can illuminate something close to the camera, but not the whole scene. If the lights are dimmed, as opposed to off, your video (and photographs) will look much better! If you are planning on turning the lights low or off, make sure you check out a sample video with similar lighting conditions so you’ll know what to expect.

2. Don’t chew gum! You may be able to hide the gum while taking photos, but you’re going to be smacking away in your video. As emotions and tensions mount on your wedding day, you’ll chew harder and faster. If you absolutely have to chew, wait till after the first dance.

3. Face each other for the whole ceremony. The bride and groom always turn toward each other for the vows, but most of the time their backs are to the congregation up until this point. Think about turning toward each other after the father gives the bride away. This way you’ll get to see each other for the ceremony, and your guests and the video will get to see you.

4. Cut the cake yourself. I know this sounds like a strange one, but hear me out. If you have any questions about cutting the cake (how to cut it, where the plate is, what exactly you are supposed to do), ask your planner or helpers before you start. This is not just a photo opportunity, its a ritual between the bride and the groom. I’m currently editing a video where the bride and groom stage a “cutting the cake” photo and leave the actual cutting to someone else.

5. Act natural around the video camera. Your photographer may want you to pose, smile, or acknowledge her, but most of the time the videographer wants you to pretend she isn’t there. Unless you are speaking to the camera or showing something to the camera, there is no need to look directly at the lens and smile.

6. Tell us about anything that is important to you! We will capture as many special moments of your wedding day as we can, but we are not mind readers. If you have unique traditions, surprises, or guests you want to make sure are captured, let us know in advance. We ask all of our brides fill out a wedding day questionnaire to help us plan for the entire wedding day.

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