Things to Consider When Hiring a Videographer

These days almost anyone can buy a buy a video camera and call themselves a videographer. It gives everyone a chance to be artists and to record memories that are most dear to them. But when you are looking for a videographer to capture one of your most important events, be it a wedding, a family history, or a corporate event, you need to keep a few things in mind. These tips will help guide your search for the perfect videographer.

1. View samples of their work! I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but some people will decide on a videographer by price alone. By seeing current samples, you’ll get a feel for the style and expertise level of your videographer.

2. Have a conversation with your potential videographer. Give this person a call and talk about your wedding day or special event. Do they sound like someone you want to work with? Did you get a good vibe from them? I know its not always possible to have a face to face meeting with everyone you hire, but a phone conversation is almost as good.

3. Has anyone heard of them? Recommendations from family, friends, and other wedding vendors can be valuable source of information. They can provide insight into professionalism, attitude, and general shooting style. As a bride, it was a relief to know that my chosen vendors had worked together frequently and successfully. You can always ask a videographer for recent bridal references.

4. Does their style of videography match your vision? Most videographers consider themselves documentarians. This means they will capture the day as it happens with minimal interference. You may want someone who does this or you may want someone who will need a portion of time just like the photographer to create a more dramatic feel to your video.

5. Do they provide the coverage and options that you want? Most people I talk to have not been married before and have never hired a videographer. They want a wedding video, but they aren’t exactly sure what that includes. Maybe you want lots of bridal prep, maybe you want an interview station, maybe you just want ceremony coverage, and maybe you don’t know what you want. Ask what the differences between the packages are if its not immediately clear. Ask how many people will be shooting. Ask about deposits. Ask lots of question!

6. Remember – you get what you pay for! That’s why it is important to cover all of these points when looking for a videographer. Just like your photographer, a videographer’s job is only partially completed when they leave your wedding or event. It takes time, effort, and experience to create the video you envision. If someone promises you the moon for a fraction of the cost of everyone else, there has to be a reason!

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