• Why should I hire a professional videographer?
    You need a professional videographer to capture all the special moments of your big day in clear focus and crisp sound.  You need someone that has a professional video camera and knows how to use it to its fullest!  You need someone who has wireless microphones and other devices to capture sounds from the groom, the officiant, the musicians, and the readers.  You need someone who has backup equipment, just in case something goes wrong.  You need someone who understands how to interact with your other wedding vendors in a way that will not compromise the integrity of their work, or yours.  You need someone who will stylistically edit your footage and create a dvd wedding movie that you want to watch again and again.  You need someone who isn’t going to call the day of your wedding and say they’ve made other plans (and we get many calls from brides on Friday nights for this very reason).  View a sample (go to that page) from Annie’s Video Memories and see the difference!
  • How do I reserve my wedding date?
    Please call or e-mail Annie’s Video Memories to see if your date is still available.  If the date is open, a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 must be made to reserve that specific day.  Since there is only one video team, dates fill up quickly.
  • Can I view a whole wedding video?
    We would be happy to set up an appointment for you to view a full wedding video.  Most likely we have a video of both your ceremony and reception locations!  However, we do not send full wedding videos out to prospective clients.  Our client’s privacy is important to us and we hope that you value that in a wedding vendor.
  • I live out of town.  Do we need to meet before the wedding?
    If you happen to be in Athens during your wedding planning, we would love to meet with you and hear about your wedding plans.  If not, we can talk on the phone and exchange emails to get to know each other better.  We have a wedding questionnaire that we ask you to fill out a few weeks before the wedding so we prepare will all aspects of your special day in mind.  We meet many of our brides and grooms on their wedding day.  Regardless of when we meet in person, your wedding video will capture the moments most important to you!
  • What time will you arrive on my wedding day?
    Each package comes with a different amount of pre-ceremony coverage.  If you are interested in capturing the moment the bride steps into the dress and begins to get ready, you will need a package with more coverage.  If you plan on taking most of your photographs before the wedding or have special events planned before the ceremony, you will need more pre-ceremony coverage.  You can always add extra hours onto any package you choose!
  • How far will you travel?
    We will travel as far as you would like to take us!  We do not charge a travel fee for locations within 30 miles of Athens, Georgia.  If your location is farther than 30 miles, there is a charge of $50 per hour for traveling calculated using Google Maps.  For locations outside of 180 miles, we ask for two nights hotel accommodation along with the travel fee so that we will be ready to film the event as soon as possible.  We also film destination weddings!
  • When will my video be finished?  Videos are ready approximately 10-12 weeks after your wedding if we receive all materials by the day of your wedding.  If additional services are requested after the wedding, the video will take a little longer to complete.  We cannot guarantee a delivery date.  Videos are edited in the order they are shot.
  • Our ceremony/reception will be dark.  Will that be a problem?
    Both film and video need light to record an image.  The darker your event is, the harder it will be for the camera to document the action.  Though we do not use additional lighting during ceremony, we do have small, on-camera lights that we use to assist us in filming the reception.  These lights will not illuminate the whole room by any means, but will provide just enough light to record the people or objects near the camera.  We cannot be responsible for the lighting conditions of your location.
  • Will you move around during the ceremony?
    We record the ceremony from predefined locations.  There is little or no movement by the camera operators as not to draw attention away from the ceremony.  We may move once during the ceremony to capture the bride walking down the aisle.  To be as unobtrusive as possible, we do not to use any additional lighting for the ceremony.  Everyone is nervous enough without a bright light pointing toward them.  The entire ceremony is recorded, beginning with the seating of the family and ending with the family leaving.
  • How will you know what I want?
    From day one we start planning your wedding video.  In our first conversation, we like to get a feel what he type of video you want.  We listen to what events are important to you!  In the mail you will receive a packet of information to help guide you through this process.  You can tell us what you like, as well as what you don’t like, about wedding videos or even videos in general.  A second, lengthier discussion takes place shortly before your wedding day.  We finalize all plans and make sure we have all the information for your special day, including locations, directions, and phone numbers for all important people.  We go over any last minute ideas/changes you might have for your video.  Anytime between meetings feel free to contact us through email or on the phone; we will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.
  • How far in advance do I need to hire my videographer?
    We suggest you begin searching for a videographer at the same time you are looking for your photographer, dj, and florist.  We get many calls from brides and mothers last minute, and most of the time we are booked (though it doesn’t hurt to ask).  The longer you wait to book your videographer, the more your choices will be limited.  Make sure you give yourself enough time to request and view different samples as not all videographers produce similar videos.
  • We haven’t hired all of our wedding vendors yet.  Do you have any suggestions?
    Yes.  Since we’ve been working in the Athens area since 2003, we’ve worked with most everyone in town.  Just ask!